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How Can We Help?

Did you know? The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a child have their first dental check-up by age one. We offer free screenings for children under one!  Our focus is on early intervention, education, and prevention. We encourage you to join your child on their first visit as soon as they get their first baby teeth to learn the benefits of a good diet and oral hygiene at an early stage. Not any dentist, the mommy dentist.    


As a mother, Dr. Shali understands the diet and hygiene challenges in today's busy lifestyle.  Our staff is well trained in dealing with children of all ages. Each child will receive specialized treatment according to his or her needs.  Parents are more than welcome to join their children in the treatment room.

Preventive Care

- Oral and nutritional counseling

- Dental Sealant

- Diagnosis of speech delays and tongue-tied

- Diagnosis of cleft lip/palette

- Development delay

- Prophylaxis (cleaning)

- Flouride treatment

Orthodontics Phase 1

- Spacers

- Appliances / Habit Breakers



Restorative Care

- White fillings (non-toxic fillings)

- Stainless steel crowns

- Pulpotomy (baby root canals)

- Extractions

- Cosmetic Bonding



- In-office nitrous oxide sedation

- General sedation at Albany Medical Center & St. Peter's Hospital​


— Alicia T.

"This is the nicest dentist office I have ever been to." 

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